25 Year Anniversary

BBQ Reunion. 7.7.7.


On the 7th July 2007 (777) we held a anniversary reunion and invited all those who had contributed to the group over the years, in whatever capacity, to celebrate two milestones:

  • Our Scout Hut was built 25 years ago and was opened on 21st December 1981
  • 100 Years of Scouting

An afternoon and evening of celebration was organised to celebrate 25 years of scouting at our Redlands Park Farm headquarters.

Boys from the group and their families were joined by leaders, former leaders and former members including 86 year old Frank Day who with his three brothers were some of the first members of 1st Wokingham Scouts.

Steve Jarvis a former leader and his son Thomas travelled from New Zealand to join us. Steve dedicated a mess tent to remember his father Mike who was also a leader who died tragically in a climbing accident.

The town mayor Councillor Brian Willis with his wife Ann cut a cake shaped like the hut that had been made by Bill Forfar. Refreshments were enjoyed by everyone and the evening ended with a sing song around the camp fire.

1st Wokingham Centenary Tea Towel

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As a permanent reminder of 25 years in our Scout Hut we have produced a Tea Towel to include the names of everyone associated with the group this year, 2007.

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1st Wokingham Centenary DVD

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As a permanent reminder of 1st Wokingham since it formation in 1910 we have produced a DVD which contains pictures of the group and boys covering the whole of our history.

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