Group History

A potted history of 1st Wokingham Scout Group taken from "A History of the Group" by Barry Parker.

An application for affiliation is reported on 19th September 1910 and acceptance gained on 25th October 1910. The first three Proficiency Badges were awarded to members of 1st Wokingham Troop on 17th February 1911. There was probably a gap because reports show that the 1st Wokingham Boy Scout Group formed in 1922 meeting above Heelas´s Emporium (now Clarks Shoe, JB Sports and Boots).

In 1923 the 2nd joined the 1st due to lack of leaders. In 1929, and with 26 boys the group became known as "The Mayor´s Own" and met in a hut in Peach Street. 1937 saw the start of a tradition, the first summer camp which was held at Monmouth.

During the war the 1st played host to the 2nd and 5th as leaders were hard to come by (what changes!) Mr Moffitt, 1st Wokingham GSM was also SM, GSM & SM of 2nd, SM of 1st Ludgrove, SM of Bearwood, District Badge Secretary, Local Association Secretary and District Commissioner - all at once!

In 1946 the 1st closed due to lack of leaders but restarted in 1948 still as "The Mayor's Own" and met in a hut in the grounds of the old rectory in Rectory Road and then in 1954 the British Legion Hall became home. Lack of leaders forced the 1st and 5th to amalgamate as the 3rd. In 1964 the 1st started up again with John Shortland as leader and was sponsored by St. Paul´s Church and so could no longer be known as "The Mayor's Own".

In April 1969 the first edition of the group magazine SCAG (now called First News) was published. At Christmas 1970 the group moved to the old drill hall (where Argos is) and was known as "Ed´s Shed". In May 1977 and now with two troops, news that Ed´s Shed was to be demolished to make way for Tesco (now Argos) frantic fund raising began for a new HQ.

After many abortive starts, agreement was given for a HQ at Redlands Farm, where we are today. 2nd September 1981 saw the group registered as a charity and the new HQ was finally occupied on 20th December 1981 after being opened by Lady Marling. The group has prospered through many changes in the movement but its continued success depends on the dedication of our leaders to which our thanks are given.


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On the 7th July 2007 (777) we held a anniversary reunion and invited all those who had contributed to the group over the years, in whatever capacity, to celebrate two milestones:

  • Our Scout Hut was built 25 years ago and was opened on 21st December 1981
  • 100 Years of Scouting