Mural Painting Thursday 7th to Thursday 14th April

Mural Painting Thursday 7th to Thursday 14th April

We hope that you have visited our hut recently and seen the magnificent mural that is now on the wall, if not then do so?

We ran a competition with the Wokingham Times and they collected in the entries for a scouting scene for our wall facing the car park that was blighted with graffiti. The entries were judged and the best five selected. These entries partially duplicated each other and so we did not hold a formal judging competition to select the best one but we did award 5 prizes of a £5 W. H. Smiths voucher to Bethan Martin, Jonathan Dain, Harry McBain, David Price and Mark Johnson. The five winning entries were given to our street artist Tom, who then merged them into a single scene which you can see. If you want to see the various stages of the work look at the pictures at mural.

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Special thanks to

   Jenny Cox Wokingham Community Warden   
   Harun Kimani Wokingham Community Warden   
   Vicky Corbet The Wokingham Times   
   Lewis Rudd The Wokingham Times   
   Deb Parker 1st Wokingham Akela   
   Dick Moodie 1st Wokingham Maintenance   
   Keith Winter 1st Wokingham Maintenance   
   Victoria Williams Police Community Support Officer   
   Will Gilbert Police Community Support Officer   
   Ann-Marie Moloney Police Community Support Officer   
   Tom Keeling Street Artist and Final Design   
   Adam Holmes Street Artist   
   Harry McBain Design Winner   
   David Price Design Winner   
   Jonathan Dain Design Winner   
   Bethan Martin Design Winner   
   Mark Johnson Design Winner   

Only three more walls to go!