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21st November 2020
  • Coronavirus Announcement updated. See below

Coronavirus Announcement

Dear Parents / Carers,

Following the announcement of a four week lockdown in England from Thursday 5th November the Scout Association has confirmed that in accordance with National Youth Agency guidance there will need to be a suspension of face-to-face scouting until further advised. Leaders will be in touch as to what arrangements are being made to adapt the scheduled programme to accommodate the change in status.

Best regards,
Karen Dewell
GSL, 1st Wokingham Scouts


We are a charity which organises events throughout the year to raise money for our group to spend on repairs, equipment and such like. To see what events and activities are happening, where and when take a look at the events calendar.

Our next group event is awaiting the lifting of Coronvirus 19 restrictions.


Our Facebook site The group now has a Facebook page that has been set up as a closed group so only members of the group will be able to access it. We will put reminders of events and useful information on it but the bulk of information will stay on the web site ( .
If you would like to access the Facebook page then please email [email protected] and we will arrange for an invite to be sent to you.

Previous Updates

27th August 2020
  • Dates for the Autumn term have been supplied, see Term Dates
  • Detailed dates for each session of the autumn term have been supplied for Beaver and Cub sections, see Beavers, Cubs.
20th August 2020
  • Coronavirus announcement, see above
20th April 2020
  • Wokingham Scouts & Tesco
17th March 2020
  • Coronavirus announcement
12th March 2020
  • Wokingham Lions President Lyn Baily presents the "Lions Challenge Badge" to our Beavers, see Lions Challenge for pictures.
11th January 2020
  • Updated Spring Term dates have been supplied see Term Dates
  • Detailed spring term programme for Scouts, see Scouts
28th December 2019
  • Spring Term dates have been supplied see Term Dates
  • Provisional dates for each session of the Scouts spring term have been supplied, see Scouts
  • Detailed spring term programme for Beavers and Cubs, see Beavers
  • and Cubs