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27th August 2020
  • Dates for the Autumn term have been supplied, see Term Dates
  • Detailed dates for each session of the autumn term have been supplied for Beaver and Cub sections, see Beavers, Cubs.

Coronavirus Announcement

Dear Parents / Carers,

I hope everyone remains safe and well and has enjoyed a wonderful summer. At least the weather has been perfect for a staycation.

I would like to update you on our plans for scouting at 1st Wokingham for the upcoming term starting in September. Government restrictions have been relaxed sufficiently to enable Scouts´ UKHQ to permit a gradual return to face-to-face scouting. I have therefore been working with the other executive committee members and specifically the section leaders to formulate a detailed plan for the provision of scouting sessions for the upcoming months. As ever, the safety of your children in our care is our paramount concern.

Please be assured that our restarting plans have been designed to be fully compliant with government, National Youth Association and scouting rules and requirements as well as best practice. Our priority is to keep our young people and adults safe.

An outline of how we will operate, following Scouts´ ´COVID Code´, includes:

New control measures for all activities Additional hygiene measures Social distancing measures Limited group sizes / ´bubbles´

Returning to face-to-face scouting will happen in phases, the first of which will let us resume outdoor activities in small groups. Returning to face-to-face Scouts is voluntary for all young people, parents/carers and volunteers.

Your child´s section leader will communicate more specific and detailed information about the proposed program of activities nearer to the beginning of September. I will be holding open sessions on Zoom in the days leading up to the re-commencement of face-to-face scouting so that you can raise any concerns you may have and I will confirm the dates and times for those sessions as soon as possible. In the meantime, it is clearly essential that we make sure that every child attending face-to-face scouting sessions is fit and well and therefore not risking the safety of everyone else taking part. Can I therefore please ask you to click on the link below, fill in the details on the form, and then submit the form by no later than 31st August so that we can manage the risk as best as possible. Please note that your child will not be able to attend face-to-face scouting sessions until the FORM has been submitted.

As scouting will resume in September, we will be recommencing the collection of subs via OSM in full shortly, before the commencement of the new term. I would like to thank again all those who very kindly made voluntary donations to subs over the lockdown period as it has ensured that we are well placed to successfully recommence scouting in September.

Best regards,
Karen Dewell
GSL, 1st Wokingham Scouts


We are a charity which organises events throughout the year to raise money for our group to spend on repairs, equipment and such like. To see what events and activities are happening, where and when take a look at the events calendar.

Our next group event is awaiting the lifting of Coronvirus 19 restrictions.


Our Facebook site The group now has a Facebook page that has been set up as a closed group so only members of the group will be able to access it. We will put reminders of events and useful information on it but the bulk of information will stay on the web site ( .
If you would like to access the Facebook page then please email [email protected] and we will arrange for an invite to be sent to you.

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20th August 2020
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20th April 2020
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17th March 2020
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12th March 2020
  • Wokingham Lions President Lyn Baily presents the "Lions Challenge Badge" to our Beavers, see Lions Challenge for pictures.
11th January 2020
  • Updated Spring Term dates have been supplied see Term Dates
  • Detailed spring term programme for Scouts, see Scouts
28th December 2019
  • Spring Term dates have been supplied see Term Dates
  • Provisional dates for each session of the Scouts spring term have been supplied, see Scouts
  • Detailed spring term programme for Beavers and Cubs, see Beavers
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