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Welcome to the 1st Wokingham (St. Paul´s) Scout Group Web Site on this fine Wednesday morning.

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If you want to join the 1st Wokingham Scout Group as a Beaver, Cub, Scout or as a Leader, then please fill out this form and someone will get in touch with you.

Fund Raising Plea

In these last few hectic weeks of the school term amongst Leavers concerts, sports days and school fairs, we have had Cubs camping with over 150 other Wokingham Cubs to celebrate 100 years of Cubs, Beavers this weekend have had their camp in Tepees´ and Scouts are off next weekend for their Survival Camp in the woods!
Please remember to take a few moments to sell your 6 raffle tickets and return the tickets and money to your section THIS WEEK.
So far out of 90 members of 1st Wokingham we have only had 18 sets of tickets and money returned! This fund raiser has the potential to raise over £1000 for the hut roof fund, but we can only achieve this with EVERYBODY doing their bit.
So far the Fund raising team has raised over £2000 having asked each child for only 2 bags of sweets and a donation of time at the May Fair.
Let´s finish this term off on a high by all pulling together to boost our total to over £3000.
Any questions please contact
More tickets are available from The Broad Street Tavern in Wokingham if needed and the hamper is also on display there.

Many thanks for your support Fundraising Team

End of Summer Term

Please note that the last meeting of the Summer term for the various sections is as follows:

Beavers Tuesday12th July  
Cubs Wednesday13th July  
Scouts Tuesday12th July  

Save the Date

Please save the following dates, more information can be found at the events calendar.

Friday 23rd Sep Group AGM and Campfire
Tuesday 8th November Group Fireworks
Sunday 27th November Wokingham Town Winter Carnival

Your support will be gratefully appreciated.

Latest News

10th July 2016

Fund Raing plea. See below.

10th June 2016
  • Details of Karaoke night supplied.
  • Date for AGM & BBQ changed to 23rd September


We are a charity which organises events throughout the year to raise money for our group to spend on repairs, equipment and such like. To see what events and activities are happening, where and when take a look at the events calendar.

Our next group event is the Wokingham May Fayre held on Monday 4th May. Full details nearer the time.

Hut Cleaning Help

Whilst the main hall gets a clean after some section meetings the whole hut does need a proper clean about every four weeks. It takes two people about 1 1/2 hours to clean the hut. This year each section will be responsible for a term.

We need a minimum of two adults (over 18 years), but more people will speed up the process. Also you can volunteer for more than 1 session!

The hut will be available for cleaning all day on Saturday and all day the following Sunday.
For the remainder of 2014 the cleaning sessions that we are seeking volunteers for are:

Section Session Saturday Sunday  
Cubs  7 9 Jul 10 Jul Help Please
   8 Aug Aug Hut not being cleaned
   9  5 Sep  6 Sep Hut not being cleaned
Scouts 10 8 Oct 9 Oct Volunteer found
Scouts 11 5 Nov 6 Nov Help Please
Scouts 12 3 Dec 4 Dec Help Please

If you can help us the please contact Keith Winter via e-mail at or telephone on

and state:

i)what session you can do,
ii)which day and start time you prefer, and
iii)names of people

Keith will then ensure that the hut is reserved for that day/time and generate the rota.

We will of course ensure that the keys to the hut are available at the time you need them and all cleaning materials you will need are ready for you.

Please look at your diaries and volunteer.


Our Facebook site The group now has a Facebook page that has been set up as a closed group so only members of the group will be able to access it. We will put reminders of events and useful information on it but the bulk of information will stay on the web site ( .
If you would like to access the Facebook page then please email and we will arrange for an invite to be sent to you.

Previous Updates

26th April 2016
  • Updated programme for Beavers, see Beavers
25th April 2016
8th April 2016
  • Provisional dates for each session of the summer term have been supplied for each section, see Beavers, Cubs, Scouts
8th March 2016
Pictures added from:
28th February 2016
18th February 2016
  • Date for AGM and BBQ set See Events