Each entry below will display pictures of the 1st Wokingham (St Paul´s) Scout Group.

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Link Who When What
tesco Scouters April ´20 Tesco Click and Collect Storage Solution
b250220 Beavers February ´20 Wokingham Lions Challenge Badge


Link Who When What
g060519 Group May ´19 Wokingham May Fayre


Link Who When What
b100718 Beavers Jul ´18 Katakanuing at Dreadnought Reach
c120518 Cubs May ´18 Pioneering in hut


Link Who When What
b090716 Beavers Jul ´16 Beaver camp
c090416 Cubs Apr ´16 Hike and overnight camp
b190316 Beavers Mar ´16 Litter Picking
c160316 Cubs Mar ´16 District Cubs Swimming Gala
c270216 Cubs Feb ´16 District Cubs Sixers Supper, Henry Street Garden Centre
b020216 Beavers Feb ´16 Circus skills with Oojamaflip


Link Who When What
b011215 Beavers Dec ´15 Dog training with Pets in Practise
b241115 Beavers Nov ´15 Xmas Party
b131015 Beavers Oct ´15 Trip to Pets at Home
b061015 Beavers Oct ´15 Sight disability awareness evening
b220915 Beavers Sep ´15 Charity fund raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind
b130915 Beavers Sep ´15 Trip to Fire Station
b070715 Beavers Jul ´15 First Aid night
b280615 Beavers Jun ´15 Beavers Camp at Paddicks Patch, Woodley
b210615 Beavers Jun ´15 Beavers Activity Funday
c200615 Cubs Jun ´15 Cub Camp, Bears Rails Windsor Great Park
b160615 Beavers Jun ´15 Fire building and tent pitching
b180515 Beavers May ´15 Royal Barks Dog Agility Club
b050515 Beavers May ´15 Experiment Badge
b020515 Beavers May ´15 Visit to Clivedon to see Bluebells
g260415 Group Apr ´15 St. George´s Day Parade
c180415 Cubs Apr ´15 Hike and overnight camp
b310315 Beavers Mar ´15 Visit to REME Arborfield
b290315 Beavers Mar ´15 Litter Picking
b170315 Beavers Mar ´15 Pioneering Craft
b030315 Beavers Mar ´15 Visit to Tesco
b240215 Beavers Feb ´15 Jeremy Allcock Investiture as ABSL
b100215 Beavers Feb ´15 Bat Expert
b270115 Beavers Jan ´15 Food Bank
b240115 Beavers Jan ´15 Swimming Badge


Link Who When What
b101214 Beavers Dec ´14 Christmas crafts
b021214 Beavers Dec ´14 Christmas Party
g091114 Group Nov ´14 Group at Armistice Day Parade in Wokingham
b230914 Beavers Sep ´14 Den building at The Lookout
b160914 Beavers Sep ´14 Pond dipping at Dinton Pastures
c181014 Cubs Oct ´14 District Cub Cooking Competition
s180714 Scouts Jul ´14 Scout Camp at Furze Platt
s080714 Scouts Jul ´14 Scout Section Meetings
b050714 Beavers Jul ´14 Beaver camp at Emmbrook
c020714 Cubs Jul ´14 Cub Section Meetings
b220614 Beavers Jun ´14 Gilwell Beaver Fun Day
s080614 Scouts Jun ´14 Berkshire Scouts Dragon Boat Race Championship
b290414 Beavers Apr ´14 Beaver visit to Lockey Farm


Link Who When What
g310812 Group Aug ´12 Group Family Campfire with AGM
g040612 Group Jun ´12 Group Family Camp at Bear´s Rails, Windsor
c040212 Cubs Feb ´12 District Cub Quiz, 2nd place team


Link Who When What
g080511 Group May ´11 St. George´s Day Parade in Wokingham (a bit late!)
g120411 Group Apr ´11 Mural painting on Scout Hut wall
b220311 Beavers Mar ´11 Beavers making Flower Boxes
b150211 Beavers Feb ´11 Beavers sailing in the hall


Link Who When What
g250410 Leaders Apr ´10 Leaders at St. George´s Day Parade in Wokingham
c200310 Cubs Mar ´10 Our Winning Team of the District Cub Swimming Gala


Link Who When What
c181009 Cubs Oct ´09 Cubs & Beavers planting daffodils for Cub Community Day 2009
c130609 Cubs Jun ´09 Father & Cub Camp
g190409 Group Apr ´09 St. George´s Day Parade in Wokingham
c310309 Cubs Mar ´09 Cubs with the daffodils they planted at Hut for Cub Community Day 2008
c110309 Cubs Mar ´09 Akela and Baloo get a Custard Pie in the face for Red Nose Day
b240209 Beavers Feb ´09 Beavers making Pancakes
s210209 Scouts Feb ´09 Scouts at the County Cooking Competition


Link Who When What
b011208 Beavers Dec ´08 The Beaver Colony go Sno-tubing at the John Nike Leisure Centre